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i know rumor has it -- some of the democratic strategist, and they are not -- even though they have or trade her as -- portrayed her as a liar. thank you. host: thank you. guest: the senate race was talked about a little bit. i think that the caller is i salute you write about -- is absolutely right about new hampshire being a swing state. their congressional district has flipped a couple of times. this is probably the product of being such a large legislature. i think that if it around does
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es get an, brown do she has a race on her hands. jump on that house and ride, he has had it for some time. they are not unfamiliar with him, the boston media market does go into new hampshire. he spent a lot of time advertising audited 2012 is biggest problem is -- on it into 2012.t his biggest problem will be the advertising and ratings. even though they are how manyng states -- senators have moved to another state and been elected in a different state? guest: that is a good question,
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and i know it has happened. answertion is -- my would be that it is only once or twice going back 200 years. that is a good question for chuck. host: out of their retirement in the u.s. senate, there are only five democrats and republicans. any of these names surprising? baucus, tom coburn, saxby chambliss, tom harkin, mike levins, tim johnson, carl , jay rockefeller. nathan gonzales? guest: there are different
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reasons for the retirements. -- arer longevity senatety, he got to the and was saying this was not something that was as glamorous as of might see on tv -- as it might seem on tv. we're talking about the majority being in peril, echo were not for -- if it were not for some of those democratic retirements. because of these democratic retirements by the it increases the pool of opportunities for republicans, and really helps the math. gives them some leeway when it comes to gaining those succeeds. -- six seats. host: kathy is joining us from
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michigan. caller: thank you. good morning. to the candidate for the first congressional seat here in michigan. against mr. better mr. bennetshek. there's almost no and manufacturing anymore -- no manufacturing anymore, the vast majority of people do not have obamacare, and the best majority of the children on my child. they are not connecting with the constituents in this area.
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i substitute teach, so i'm around children all the time. when i hear from them is that they do not understand their life situation. cannon,portant for mr. and the democratic party, because i think this is a winnable seat, to make very clear what they want to do for the people here. host: thank you. guest: this is one of the most competitive districts in the country, one of the most older opel republican incumbents in vulnerabley -- republican incumbents in the country. an outsider, and in a time where the congressional job approval ratings are so low, this is a time for the democrats to set up that contrast. we will have to see how democrats are able to make that connection with voters.
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one of the parts of the giving is making your case, and haven't majority on your side. he has the opportunity, his opponent has not run the strongest of conveyance -- campaigns. host: independent line, good morning. far,r: i grew up not too across the state, and when romney was governor, there were jobs there. if over the years, they fell away into nothing. you could not even by a job in buy a job in michigan. believe elections, i the aca has democrats across the whole thing,.
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. i've been all over the world, all of the country, and some people seem to stand up for the wrong things. american self-sufficiency is more important than democratic votes, i'm sorry. the president is letting everybody down. is that of all of is stuff to fail, obama blamed, and has blamed all of the for these failures. why is unemployment down down in the millions? who steps in the millions? -- food stamps in the millions? host: extension of unemployment benefits is still in the house of representatives, it is not moved anywhere. how big of an issue will this be in some of these key races? guest: it is going to be an issue, angry with nathan that it
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will be part of a bigger puzzle -- i agree with nathan that it will be part of a bigger puzzle. they need to motivate their own base. in midterm elections, with the party in power, in its very to motivate. they need to put something together to motivate their voters, and this is minorities, younger voters. been aennifer duffy has consultant on nbc news on election night, her work is available online at the a kpolitical -- coo .com. based we offer state local news from both sides of the ideological sector.
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you can see some of the best from thend blogging left, right, and nonpartisan mainstream media side-by-side. you can get news from different perspective go and get an knowing wherenot they are coming from, giving past that first stage. host: a graduate of vanguard and georgetown university. super bowl sunday? a lot of twitter conversations. guest: i have to go for the seattle seahawks. they are one of the teams who has lived up to the hype, and hopefully they can do it again sunday. since the broncos beat
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the patriots, and depth about of the super bowl, and to be a seahawks fan to -- i have to be fan too.s check out all of that online. caller: good morning. i have watched the political maneuverings for a wild. -- hwhile. in 2010, the tea party sent a lot of people to the house of representatives, because they promised the market people they were going to create jobs. they went there, and they did not create jobs. there are people out there who enough pointsget to qualify for social security. jobs whennnot find they're going to follow the
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medicaid will cover because you cannot have social security unless you have a certain amount of points. unless have a medicare you qualify for sources security -- social security. it is not an entitlement program but because we pay into it. the red states, where you feel that the house of representatives is going to keep getting elected, when people goinge that they are all to fall into the medicaid pool because they are not getting jobs, they're going to turn. the colors going to start changing. thatcans have to realize you cannot live in a system where people say no. there needs to be jobs created, and when they are created, people are going to play taxes. -- pay taxes. the end of the that rate will go down. when you shift jobs overseas, it is not just jobs, it is every
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thing that creates those jobs. host: it would like to take that? would like to take that? guest: i do not think the tea party was created with the promise of jobs. --nk they were created with in reaction to obamacare, and then they morphed into a purity of the republican party, to make sure that the republicans were constitutional conservatives, and had that pure corp.. e. i do not know that that was the promise. the fight over the jobs and the unemployment rate is one of the fundamental fights of the election. isn't the president possible, is the republican's -- is it the president's fault about the
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republican's fault? host: able to get it it democratic -- a multicandidate democratic are very -- primary. hostguest: he came in with an interesting agenda. he has not made too much progress in that front, and in some cases he has been stymied by republicans in the legislature. he was to privatize things like lottery, liquor stores, and he is not really been able to get his agenda moving. the economy in pennsylvania has not improved all that much. ally, he getsn stuck with some of the fallout from kentucky.
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he was attorney general and some of these allegations were first brought forward them and whether his office did enough, or they swept it under the rug. moved governors out of their own party this early in the cycle tour the other party, we do not do that for any would have to say that would be in the democrat's favor. you have a very crowded primary, you have eight announced candidates. most of them come from philadelphia. dividedte that is east-west, you have candidates fighting in their own base. i have yet to see any one of them really make strides. whoever wins this nomination, they're going to win it by something less than a majority, and they're going to have a lot
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of work to do getting around the state once they do have that nomination. guest: we are not as giving as the rothenberg political report. one other state, the fourth term for the governor of california. he delivered his 17 minutes state of the state address in sacramento. think california is so tough for republicans. brown has not given them a lot to work with in terms of running against him. the state still has a lot of the problems they had when he came to office four years ago. that has not changed. i think the price of admission to the california gubernatorial race is enormous. at least $50 million, and i'm
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probably being conservative in that regard. i am not giving republicans a lot of room here, or a lot of optimism. in -- one of the states things in his state of the state address, he said he used to talk about throwing the bones out, and i'd ask about how experience matters. he delivered it with a smile, and realize that his own political career had changed him and understand there's a big difference from where he started. on debts and deficits -- would anyone be affected? guest: who is to blame? that is what it comes down to. it is not just about the debt and the deficit, it has to do more with the affordable care act, the president's standing. it fits into that, people that
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feel like the country is in the right direction will give them a thatn benefit of the doubt -- will give democrats a benefit of the doubt. it starts to become a better argument for republicans when they ask what will he do in the last two years? james --s is from there are already some ads in north carolina taking aim at the senators for supporting the health care act. since it on the past by one vote, everybody was the deciding vote. there was a caller earlier who talked about health care be a problem for republicans.
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i do not know by agree with this now because what is going to happen down the road this year, there are a number of other milestones that are going to be hit, and they're going to be some people that are unhappy. i think the 6 million or so people who have signed up under obamacare are happy, but i think what is going to start happening is that when small businesses -- when their plans, this year -- come up this year, those plans will be disqualified. larger employers were grandfa thered him till 2015. renew their plans, insurance at some point is going to have to point out their plans to the exchanges.
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this is the november 15 deadline, and those costs are going to be associated with how have they taken on in the first year? there are going to be a lot more arguments about this. if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, because a lot of the plans are restricting the vision choice -- physician choice. we have already seen some stories about people who have signed up but who have no proof of insurance. the doctor says there's no record of ever signing up. there is a lot more kinks to work out, and there will be some ripples that will happen throughout the year. i do not think that health care is going to be a problem for
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republicans as much as it is still going to be an asset, because i think there's probably voters who are angry to everyone that is happy. we want to welcome you to bring your questions for jennifer duffy and nathan gonzales. guest: most republicans are saying repeal, and democrats are saying we know you do not like it, but you do not want to get rid of all of it. the challenge is that in the seats, where it is going in a slightly more red than the country at large. disapproval that
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approval in those key districts and keys eights, and it is a higher threshold. i think we are going to see an election that is driven by a lot of anecdotes. both sides are going to have specific people to camera, saying because of what president obama and what the democrats did with the aca, i could not get the covered i wanted. or because of what republicans did, because they wanted to reveal it, this is how my life was affected. follow-up on an earlier tweet -- milton, philadelphia, democrat line. ask thei would like to guests, to they think the republicans will be able to take the senate?
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i think the potential is there, i do not think it is a jump ball today. i went to see the outcome of some of these printers. -- i want to see the outcome of some of these primaries. 'sest: what is the president standing next november? we do not know. was on the economy verge of a great depression. 0e were losing between 500,00 month, butbs per while big government is not -- it environment is not great, i wish they would give him some credit. he is still gaining jobs, and nobody giving him credit for it. as far as the affordable care act about people have short memories.
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if you had a pre-existing condition, you cannot get health insurance we cannot say on your parents that you could not stay with your parents until 26. healths a reason why care made a lot of people bankrupt. guest: i think that the caller is right without the president successfully ran on that -- right, the president successfully ran on look at what right. a lot of people were still blaming president bush, but as he gets further and further in the rearview mirror, and it gets harder to say look at where we were and where we are now. werethe republicans calling the scandals earlier in the year with the irs or other those diden y not evolve into full-blown
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scandals, it started to hit his credibility. it lessens the impact of what the president could have, because people are more skeptical. caller from illinois. is that theproblem jobs are very scarce, and the taxes are stream the hype -- extremely high. ie politicians around here, was on the news about our parks. six or seven years ago, we had a $6 billion debt. we are now over $100 billion and debt, i just do not see it.
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we have the highest taxes and all of the united states. host: governor quinn is seeking reelection. he is nothink that question the most endangered democratic governor. he has some of the lowest approval ratings in the country. there was a question about whether he would even run, but he is running. illinoisounting on being a blue enough state to which above the line. -- quinn has even able managed to alienate some of his allies. this is over much-needed pension reform, something that needed to and it took forever, to where he threatened to hold the state legislature's pay until they got it done.
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he is very wealthy, he is a --iness guy, he is running has been on the air introducing himself to those who do not know him. helpful, he counts the chicago mayor as one of his good friends. who gets credit, and who gets blamed, that whole debate will layout and the governor races -- will play out in the governor races. were elected in 2010, they in heritage pretty dismal -- they inherited ready dismal conditions. host: a memo to house
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republicans on the issue of the debt limit and the affordable care act. tom curry of nbc news have the tweet.-- has this guest: we're are going to see some of the most effect of -- e ads about obamacare at the affordable care act, with real people. the ad makers are going to look for those stories like mitch mcconnell. that makes for better ads, then just saying that so-and-so voted for it. talk about the real impact on people's lives. host: republican line, good morning. caller: good morning.
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they are swimming upstream because of the mainstream media. exampleive you a good -- this chris christie thing. -- would think he that think that he planted roadside bombs if you read the newspaper. compared to hillary clinton who brought -- failed to provide security to our messenger in benghazi, it was on page seven of the new york times. if i were republican running for , i would compare the states run by democrats and republicans. i would look at the unemployment figures, and the abstract property, and all of that. you'll find that this date one
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by democrats -- in these states that are run by democrats, the unemployment is much higher and poverty is much worse. host: let's talk about the economy because we have seen enough taken the market -- we have seen an uptick in the market, except for last week. guest: the economy is a big factor, especially for voters who are more casual voters and will vote their gut on election day. a state like ohio, where the governor is running on the economy, and believing that he has helped them turn the corner. it is tricky for democrats obamae they had president
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going around saying that it is going better. the other thing that i would say is that if the economy does start to get better promote and we started to run record that is good for president obama. if people feel more secure about where they are, they are less likely to be agitated, dissatisfied, and likely to throughout their officeholder -- to throw out to their officeholder. most: this will play out in the governor races, probably not so much in the ascendant -- in the senate and house races. clean recordseaky on the economy these days. joining us from sperry bill, virginia. the offices where
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they have just swept and the -- just swept for the first time in eight years, how do you interpret this? 10th is where the checked, the republican seat has suddenly become an open seat -- 10th district, the republican seat has suddenly become an open seat? guest: this was a big surprise to both hearties -- parties. he is running for reelection to a second term, he is a former governor, and former chairman of who hasonal committee been deeply involved in virginia politics for a long time, ving under -- serving under president bush. inle democrats did very well
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november, to call this a blue state would be a mistake. this is much more of a purple state. i think that if gillespie is well-funded, it could give warner a decent race. i think we have to know what the landscape looks like. i think he has a fighting chance. this is a race that would not if it moves. host: why is he running? guest: you cannot win if you do not run. depending on how the election cycle costa rica upperdeck what the fall is going to look like runs, you cannot predict what the fall is going to look like. arguably, you have to start earlier, but gillespie should be able to put together the money. guest: even if he does not win
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this race, respectable showing gets him first in line if you would like to run for governor 7. 201 whether he can bring a little bit of report -- reform to the party, why did republicans lose candidates 2013, the they nominated. too were considered much conservative, and they nominated them through convention, the poster primary -- opposed to a primary. guest: the caller was talking about the house races as well, and the 10th district where he is set to retire is an opportunity for democrats that was not on the list.
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republicans did help themselves by not going through a nomination by convention, and it looks like arbor comstock will be the nominee. barbra comstock will be the nominee. because the election cycle is uncertain, we-- have the lean, . democrats would love to get that see, it is a swing area of the state -- that seat, it is a swing area of the state. virginia, jim moran announcing his retirement, was that a surprise? guest: we were focused on races that have an opportunity for one side of the -- or the other to
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to see. i'm waiting we will let people test the waters, decide whether or not they will get in, and take a deep dive. host: any races to watch that we missed? guest: we did not talk about arkansas area i think that is the most republican -- vulnerable republican of the cycle. that state has become much more republican than the last time ago.had a race, 12 years caught and has a terrific resume, relatively new to politics. he has only been in the house one term. talk toit is funny, you a lot of democrats who are very concerned about pryor.
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one of the things that is going for him is that arkansas did its own exchange. the outgoing governor is very r, asar, and may help pryo well as the clintons. this is a tough race. elected threetor different times for three different states. he represented minnesota, missouri, and illinois. the only person to serve three different. jennifer duffy, and neither does all he -- nathan
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>> we spoke earlier with a reporter about what is on the agenda for this week. -- peteng us is pete's kasprowicz who writes for the hill. congress is coming back next week. the marquee event is the state of the union for president obama. what are the key priorities the president will talk about? >> minimum wage, extending unemployment benefits, we think that is their push, the democrats' push for 2014. expect to hear a lot about that. >> we understand that representative cathy mcmorris rodgers will give the republican response. what should we know about her? >> she is the top republican woman in the house.
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i do not know the stuff. i think the republicans probably have an interest of putting her up there as a woman. we are in a season where things like republicans hate women and they hate minorities. we're seeing republicans put a lot of the members up in the public eye to make the case. we can expect this for several more months until the election shake up here at >> and looks like a pretty short week the republican retreat next week. there is an abortion bill coming to the house that was mentioned by eric cantor. what is this all about? >> this is an event you watched all day. he said there will be an abortion vote next week. they have a bill that changes a lot over every year. is is no federal funds can be used for abortion. this shows up on the spending bill for the health and human services department. it had some obamacare language.
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obamacare says if you qualify for a certain federal subsidies to buy health insurance you will not get the subsidies. or rather you get those subsidies. under the bill up next week, you won't get those subsidies. that is one of the ways republicans are continuing to attack obamacare. >> could this be a little bit dicey? it is coming up as a suspension bill. >> i do not think it is clear. it had about 16 democrats that went with republicans. they probably cannot pass as a suspension. it will probably fail. it should pass easily if he becomes a normal bill and they need a simple majority. >> you write about likely action in the senate looking to delay key provisions of the flood insurance reform. what is going on?
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>> in 2012 congress passed a bill that basically try to rescue the national flood program from about $18 billion in debt. what they did was make changes two years ago to say let's raise the rates on some of these flood prone areas. if you have to buy insurance in your going to pay a little bit more to help us dig out of debt. a couple of issues have come up. there was language from two years ago that says if you sell your house and there is a subsidy attached to your premium, the new owner will not get that subsidy. that is something a lot of people have said. -- something a lot of people have said means i can't sell my house. the new owner will know that it is to hard to sell the house. they want to fix things and that by delaying them. they could see this passing the house and senate some point this year. >> you also tweeted about another issue that is still out there, the military pension. lawmakers say some are crying
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crocodile tears over the military pension cuts. >> this is the issue we sell since the budget. it said let's cut about 600 million off of the veteran pensions. we still get to see a fix right now. congress rushed to pass this. everyone is saying we need to fix it. in some ways it is typical. they say let's fix something. let's to do something. then a month or year goes by and they all want to change it again. it will be talked about at the very least. nothing is scheduled yet so far. >> as we wrap up him a we have not talked about unemployment. what are some of the ones we will see in the coming weeks? >> the senate tried and failed. it is unclear how it will get anywhere. it is something that the obama
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speech could re-energize them. -- could re-energize democrats to try to get another shot at extending benefits for three months or longer. we may see immigration talked about a lot more. the gop is working on principles for that. we might see a handful of bills on that. >> you can read his reporting at thank you for the update. >> on the next washington journal, public radio international will preview the state of the union speech. what to expect in congress. younga adams on the role people will play in the health care law. and how many have signed up for health insurance. a discussion about the roughly $9 billion spent on the early childhood education program head start with the director of the
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center for loc. all that on washington journal, live with your calls, tweets and facebook comments at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> bill and hillary began their teaching arrears at the university of arkansas. hillary came a year later. begany's clear -- career right outside this building. she was a professor at classes such as criminal law, trial procedure and the prison process. well-educated id league law school grad that work in d.c. as part of the nexen campaign. nixon campaign. >> first lady hillary clinton, monday night at 9:00 eastern live on c-span and c-span 3, also on c-span radio and >> republican national committee
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chair reince priebus talked about the state of the party as part of the annual winter meeting held in washington, d.c. his remarks run about 15 minutes. >> good morning once again. we welcome you to washington, d.c. i want to thank everyone on our team for the work that went into this week, the work i know they do so well every day. let us hear it for the staff for putting on a great meeting so far. and i think we are having a pretty good time as well. we have heard from some great leaders in our party and are going to hear from more. we are blessed this week that we join hundreds of thousands of people from across the country in the march for life. before we get to everything else, i just want to say, i
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think this was a very special year to be part of the march. this year's theme was adoption, and i think adoption is something we need to talk about more. we are the party that respects life, and we are the party of adoption. every child should have the chance to have a loving family. and every child should have the chance for life. [applause] thank you. this is a gift. this is a gift. and it is important that as a party we continue to be advocates for respecting and valuing life.
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one year ago, we came together and said we were going to do things differently at the rnc. we set out to build a permanent ground campaign, to close the digital divide, and to engage with voters of all backgrounds. we have accomplished a lot together in just one year. we had our whole field team in town for training last month, with hundreds of field staffers over by the dulles airport. it was a wild moment to see how fast the republican national committee had grown in 2013. we are getting to know communities where we had not been for a long time, and we are talking to people who had not heard from us for far too long. that is how you grow a party. the truth is, this work is never done. it is a permanent operation. that is the new normal at the republican national committee.
10:47 pm
to win, it has to be this way. on the tech front, we basically have a start up running inside the rnc, and big reforms are coming to our presidential nominating process, with forms that put republican voters, not the liberal media, in the drivers seat. [applause] this is about getting better debates. but it is also a way to put a check on the media. last time we were together, we took a stand against nbc and cnn. we said, if you want to run your hillary films, no debates for you. [applause] and a little while later -- a little while later, they backed down. they canceled their tributes to hillary clinton. the rnc is not going to put up with the same old ways. we are going to set a new standard.
10:48 pm
finally, i want to draw everyone's attention to our fundraising. i am glad to report we have raised well over $7 million in december alone, and easily outraised the dnc in 2013. not only that -- we ended the year debt free. [applause] it is very significant that we outraised the party in power. i do not know the last time the party out of power outraised the party that has the white house, and it is important, because we are making investments early. it is not good enough to be the party that shows up five months before an election. that was the old way. we have to set a new standard. we have done a lot. the truth is, the rnc cannot do it all. it is up to the other committees as well. and of course the candidates have to do their part as well.
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but our example matters. i have said many times before that the policies and principles of this party are sound. however, as we look to grow the ranks of our party, we must all be very conscious of tone and choice of words when we communicate those policies effectively. we should set the standard. we should set the standard for future rnc's, and also set an example for other republicans. we all know the gop has to get out of our comfort zones and go to places where we have not been for a while, and engage an welcome new voters. we cannot do all the work ourselves. but we can show what a difference it can make. let me tell you a couple quick stories. the first one, some of you have heard before. at the anniversary of the march on washington luncheon last year, we had hundreds of people show up.
10:50 pm
it was a great overflow crowd. a couple people came up to me and said, you know what? we are here, but you know, we are democrats. but we are here because we know that if those parties do not fight like crazy for black voters, the other side will take our votes for granted. as a party, we believe it is wrong for anyone to be overlooked or taken for granted in our political process. and even a simple act can send an important message. this fall, i went up to detroit to announce our michigan black advisory council, and to welcome wayne bradley aboard as our state director in michigan for african-american engagement. i was amazed by how many people came to take part. we had business leaders and community leaders who are ready to stand up and make a difference. we did a pretty simple thing by
10:51 pm
just showing up, and it is having a big impact in a place that desperately needs a new direction, fresh ideas, and more opportunity. so i am glad to see friends like rand paul going to detroit and showing up to support party efforts there. likewise, i am glad to hear marco rubio, paul ryan, eric cantor, rand, and others, taking up difficult issues, sharing republican ideas on how to fight poverty in this country, a problem that has gotten worse under the democrat leadership of this administration. they each have their own approaches. but at the end of the day, expanding opportunity is always the focus. and that is the way we will stand together as republicans. this issue of income inequality is best addressed by ensuring equal opportunity for everyone in this country. the president is now preparing
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speeches on income inequality. i believe he should give those speeches while standing in front of the mirror. because under his watch, everything has gotten worse. he should talk to himself. because poverty is worse. food stamp dependency is worse. and more people have given up looking for work under barack obama's watch than at any time i can remember. when the federal government tries to equalize outcomes, we are all going to end up equally worse off. but when we make sure people have equal opportunities and education, and a job market, and health care, we are all going to be better off. that is the right approach. and that is what is fair. i think that is what americans expect from their leaders -- fairness. we are about that as a party. it is not fair to voters when
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leaders they trusted light to -- lie to pass their agenda. it is not fair to the working mom who loses the insurance she liked because the president did not like it. it is not fair to the college grad who already has a mountain of student debt and also has to shoulder the cost of government debt, of obamacare, of a bad economy. it is not fair that disadvantaged inner-city students are forced to go to bad schools, and not the schools of their choice. and it is not fair that a young child -- that government benefits are structured in a way that penalizes his parents when they get married. none of that is fair. but that is what democrats stand for. republicans are going to stand for fairness, freedom, and equal opportunity for all americans. [applause]
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before i close, i want to share with you a very short video of what has been going on in the field, some of the great stuff that we are doing at the republican national committee. >> over the next two days, we are going to be talking as a group on how to accomplish our mission. >> my name is becky. >> my name is chris young. >> my name is nicole daniels. >> i am jill barkley. i work in the political department at the rnc. >> i came to meet some people from other states, field staff and directors. >> i am from north carolina. >> alaska. >> louisiana. >> colorado. >> there are people across the country. our goal was to get everybody together to start a discussion
10:55 pm
about how we are going to run our operation. we have been working across this country for the past, in some cases, six months. it is really exciting to see everybody. >> i really think this is important. i want to make you proud. this is a huge team to have this early. i want to tell you thank you. i want you to know you are a blessing to us and our party and what we are trying to get done. every day is a challenge. every day is an opportunity. >> in north carolina, we are working on recruiting leaders to work on a community level, the peer-to-peer relationships. >> we have to go in case-by-case, voter by voter, identify them, and know where they stand. >> it is an exciting time. we are getting together and embarking on this new trajectory.
10:56 pm
the ground game, we are connecting with new people, community members, as well as flourishing long-term relations with them. >> the values of the republican party are core in my life, and are core to the success, i feel, of the country. i am doing what it takes to support it. >> we have already recruited 7000 precinct leaders across the country. these staff are going to go back to their states and work with precinct leaders. in january and february, they will go door to door, gathering data, putting all this practice together, as we learn more about the voter and how to communicate with them. >> i am an rnc field staffer. >> i am an rnc field staffer. >> i am an rnc field staffer. [applause] >> when you look at something
10:57 pm
like that, you realize what we are doing is a big deal. it is frustrating sometimes when people try to attack our work or create the appearance of dissent. every once in a while, you read or hear about some of our own friends attacking the rnc. attack what? it reminds me that we need to tell people more of what the rnc does. it continues the infrastructure all of our candidates need to be successful. attack what? a permanent field operation that we are paying for? a multimillion dollar technology upgrade that our friends are going to use? engagement with the hispanic, african-american, asian american faith leaders, and youth?
10:58 pm
a ground game that will help rick scott and other opportunities across the country? digital directors working with state directors and volunteers in the field. a tech office right in civic and valley, to recruit the best talent. hundreds of staffers and thousands of precinct captains, and team members getting to know voters neighborhood by neighborhood. everything we are doing is about one thing -- getting more republicans elected at every level of government. and all of it is essential for winning and helping this country. and anyone who opposes that is not looking out for the good of our party or our country. and we are doing something unprecedented here. when, in the history of our party, has the rnc been able to completely transform our approach to politics in less than one year?
10:59 pm
the great vince lombardi, the former coach of my green bay packers, once said -- it is a good one -- "the only place success comes before work is in the dictionary." our work is not done. in fact, it is only getting started. to close, i have two challenges for us in the coming year. as we keep up the work, let us set an example for our fellow republicans. let us set the standard for the future of the rnc. thank you very much. god bless you. have a great rest of our meeting. i appreciate you all. thank you. [applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2014] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] span, q&a withd
11:00 pm
the director of the academy award nominated documentary "the square." followed by david -- david cameron with question time. and a discussion about the rise of al qaeda in iraq. >> this week, jehane noujaim, the director of "the square." >> jehane noujaim, when was the first time you thought about being a documentary producer? >> i went to college to be a doctor, like a good egyptian. i took up chemistry and realized there were other people better

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